New generation Jazler radio automation

Ease, Evolution, Stability

Redesigned studio

The studio screen has been redesigned so that each user can change the layout of the panels according to their needs. You can choose between multiple panels and different layouts for your songs.

Multiple layouts

The studio screen can be adjusted to any resolution.

If your monitor does not support HD (1920. 1080), SOHO can be customized to look more compact.


The main screen of the Jazler SOHO was designed to give you instant access everywhere. The quick switch on the main screens on the top right can take you to other parts of the program easily and quickly.

Advanced music selection

Daily pylist

The daily playlist can be released 24 hours a day based on clocks and individual playlists to avoid surprises. You can modify it and record voice tracks to the songs you want.

Song database

The Jazler SOHO song database offers easy access to editing songs and their mixing locations, categories and a variety of filters to find the songs you want faster and faster. You can also see broadcast statistics for each song, such as when it aired in recent days.

Base of spots & ads

In the spots & ads database, save all the commercials and jingles you use during commercial breaks. Expired ads are highlighted in red. You can mark some ads at the top of the list as favorites for easier access.

A-B Alternating audio outputs

Jazler SOHO lets you use 2 main audio outputs to play each track alternately on 2 different inputs on your console. You can also have 2 other outputs, one basic for audio preview and one for instant jingles palettes.

Built-in microphone

Speak easily into your microphone by pressing the button in the studio, while lowering the music for better mixing. The auto-off button will automatically turn off the microphone when you press to play Next.

Second studio screen

Turn on the second studio screen and configure whatever layout you want, using the panels you need on the second screen.

Editing Plastlist

In the SOHO playlists database you can create, modify and import playlists from an external program. By selecting each playlist you can see its contents and its programming.

In editing the playlist in SOHO you can also change the mixing positions and easily record voice tracks on the songs.

Easy clock scheduling

Programming the automatic program is easy and is divided into time zones. Each watch can have a different color to make its programming stand out. You can change the schedule en masse and even set a separate one for specific days.

Designing a watch has become easier than ever. You can also select a category as the second in case something goes wrong or needs to complete the duration of the clock.

Streaming encoders

Jazler SOHO allows you to easily send your station to a streaming server without the need for a third party program and sound card. If you want to use the output of your console you can use the input of a sound card.

Playback support via ASIO

SOHO can support playback via ASIO drivers to achieve the shortest possible delay and better audio quality.

Instant jingles

You can edit pallets with Instant jingles via the Jazler SOHO Workstation. If an audio is not available, SOHO detects it and notifies you.

Do you need better processed sound? In addition to 32bit audio resolution from SOHO, you can add either DSP or VST plugins. This is the plugin Thimeo Stereo Tool as YST

Jazler SOHO supports many RDS & RDBS models. It can be connected via RS232, TCP-IP or http post. It can send PS, RT and RT + tags.


OS: Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (pro versions)

CPU: Intel i5 2.5 GHz or similar


USB port available for USB HASP / program license (studio only).



* Trial beta version

Supports countless workstations.

Technical Support Assistance: 100 € / year / license

Includes 1 HASP USB Hardware unlock key *


* By purchasing 1 license you can operate 1 studio. You can switch computers by transferring the USB HASP key.

Privileged acquisition of beta until the publication of the regular version.

Upgrade RadioStar to SOHO for only € 450


If you now upgrade your RadioStar license to SOHO you will be able to open both programs.

Discounts apply for multiple upgrade licenses.

Valid only by upgrading to beta.

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