Privacy Policy

Record keeping

Please be advised that under Law 2472/97 we keep your personal information in our records and you have access to them in accordance with the law.

Protection of personal information

The personal information you enter in your membership registration is used exclusively by e shop for the execution of your orders. Under no circumstances can those persons who have a cooperative relationship with our company have access to them. In addition, your connection to our online store is securely connected via SSL encryption (128 bit). This means that all of your personal and credit / debit card details are protected on our way to our company. In the case of payment by credit / debit card or Paypal, the card is recorded and cleared in the absolutely safe banking environment, without these details becoming known to our company.

The personal information you enter when you register with our online store is exclusively used by e shop to execute your orders and to inform you of our offers. Access to them is only authorized by our company staff who is responsible for the task of handling your orders. Also, your personal information is not disclosed to anyone outside the company and for no reason, except in cases where we are required by law and claim by the Greek authorities.